Please feed the calendars [was: BYU UUG Meeting Mar. 15th]

Brandon Stout bms at
Mon Mar 12 14:30:48 MDT 2007

Clint Savage wrote:
> Charles,
> What a great idea?  I've been working on just that sort of thing for the
> entire Utah Open Source community.  My site is Utah Open Source and we're
> currently in the wrangle of planning an Open Source Conference here in
> Utah.  However, Utah Open Source is attempting a program called "Utah
> Open
> Source Widgets"  [1] which is intended to do this sort of thing.  I'd
> like
> to centralize it for every group.  Have a look at our websites if you
> would.
> [2]
> Cheers,
> Clint
> [1] -
> [2] -  - Utah Open Source Website
>  - Utah Open Source Conference 2007 Planning
> Wiki
> - Utah Open Source Conference Website 

UPHPU has one:



for the plain text file.  I like separate calendars for each group. 
Then you can subscribe to the ones you want.  I read the ics files with
thunderbird's lightning plugin.

Brandon Stout

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