Please feed the calendars [was: BYU UUG Meeting Mar. 15th]

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Mon Mar 12 14:18:21 MDT 2007

> Suggestion: perhaps several of the LUGs can go in on one for the whole
> area. It would mean one maintainer instead of several, one feed for
> folks to sing up for, and a central repository for the data. LUGs
> could also put the feed onto their web pages and refer readers to it.


What a great idea?  I've been working on just that sort of thing for the
entire Utah Open Source community.  My site is Utah Open Source and we're
currently in the wrangle of planning an Open Source Conference here in
Utah.  However, Utah Open Source is attempting a program called "Utah Open
Source Widgets"  [1] which is intended to do this sort of thing.  I'd like
to centralize it for every group.  Have a look at our websites if you would.



[1] -
[2] -  - Utah Open Source Website  - Utah Open Source Conference 2007 Planning
Wiki - Utah Open Source Conference Website

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