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Corey Edwards tensai at
Fri Mar 9 09:10:05 MST 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 21:25 -0700, Brandon Stout wrote:
> Derek Carter wrote:
> > Ryan Byrd wrote:
> >>> Now, stop wondering about other training alternatives and pony up for a
> >> 1-week course with Guru Labs at
> >> their facility.
> >>
> >> and at *only* $60,000.00 ($2000.00 a head x 30 people). What a steal!
> I don't think any training is worth that much.  If you add the cost for
> 4 years to get my BS degree, plus 2 more for my MS degree, I don't think
> it comes to $60,000.  Perhaps, if you want to spend that much on
> training, you should just pay for everyone to get a degree...  Seriously
> though, a degree for 30 people would obviously run much higher than
> $60,000.  My real point is that you should get much more than a course
> or two of training for $2,000 per head.  I bet some PLUG members would
> happily train for much less.  From one non-profit agency to another. 
> Does government subsidized count as non-profit?

My company had Guru Labs, Stuart actually, teach 4 of us everything
there is to know about LDAP. It was a 3 day course he taught on site in
lovely Idaho Falls. We negotiated a deal that was favorable to both of
us and we came out of it with a very firm understanding of LDAP. I'll
stop there before I turn into a fan boy. Suffice it to say, satisfied

Now, to the $60k price tag. Let's consider that even for a beginning
elementary school teacher, the district will be shelling out at least
$50k a year between salary, benefits, overhead, etc. I'm certain it's
more, but let's use that as a safe estimate. 30 people means $1.5
million a year. $60k is only 4% of that. To me, that sounds like a not
too unrealistic cost for training.


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