BYU UUG Meeting Mar. 15th

Scott Paul Robertson spr at
Fri Mar 9 08:39:05 MST 2007

Hey Everyone,

Our next meeting will be Mar. 15th, so this coming Thursday.

Where: 240 CTB (Downstairs from where we normally meet)
When: 7:30 PM

Topic: Vim: The One True Editor

Is your editing-fu weak? When you go to the beach with your girl, do
bullies kick text in your face? Do you sometimes wonder what Vim is and
why anyone would care? Or do you already know Vim but wish you knew
more? Thursday, March 15th, Stuart Jansen will share his Vim knowledge
with the UUG.

Stuart is a BYU alum, former UUG president and general pain in the
[edited to comply with honor code]. He loves Vim and thinks everyone
else should too. Hopefully, he'll provide some good solid tips for Vim
n00bs and reveal a couple tricks to experienced Vim users. We hope.
With Stuart you never can be sure.

Please note the room change (240 CTB), it is directly downstairs from
where we normally meet.

General Linux help will be available from 7pm till 7:20pm.

Hope to see you all there.

Scott Paul Robertson
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