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Jason Hall jayce at
Fri Mar 9 08:35:22 MST 2007

On Thursday 08 March 2007 22:22, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 21:25 -0700, Brandon Stout wrote:
> > or two of training for $2,000 per head.  I bet some PLUG members would
> > happily train for much less.  From one non-profit agency to another.
> > Does government subsidized count as non-profit?
> It's all a question of time and quality. As they say, time is money.
> Alternatively, you can save money by accepting lower quality.

---8<  big snip

> hands on labs. The hard part isn't getting up in front of a bunch of
> people and rambling for a few hours, the hard part is being able to
> respond to student questions and manage a room full of people with
> widely varied capability. Think about it, if it were so easy any
> freelancer with a handful of O'Reilly books could easily beat $2000 a
> head.

Stuart does a good job here summarizing some of the differences between 
professional training, and social training.  Most Plug members are familiar 
with the social training we see at our meetings.  Many times these are of a 
very high caliber, taught by people extremely experienced in the topic. 
Sometimes things are lacking though.  Sure, many of us are great at sitting 
down with a smaller group and going over linux basics, maybe some deeper 
stuff.  But are you really ready to be able to say I can teach the entire 
range of topics that the audience needs?  Can you provide a guaranteed list 
of 'knowledge points' you will cover, and be accountable for?

This is some of what groups such as Guru Labs provide, and what an agency such 
as the education system will require.  Heck, I actually am good friends with 
several people that I know will be in the audience daniel is talking about, 
and I know I could really help teach them quite a few things, and they would 
be better off for it.  But in no way would I claim to cover all that one of 
the GL courses would provide, nor would I have all the materials ready.

So Daniel.  Get them to sign on for Guru Labs.  They're local, they help the 
LUGS a lot, they are *cough* usually *cough* active on the list :) and their 
materials are worth it.  Then convince the people with aptitude  to join Plug 
for continuing learning, and to get into the social network. 

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