Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Mar 8 16:44:24 MST 2007

Steve <smorrey at> writes:

> I was tinkering with it, the only complaint I had about it was it only
> supports Kernel 2.4 with no support for Kernel 2.6 last I checked.
> The only other viable open source clustering solution I was able to
> find, was to write your app using OpenMPI or something similar.
> Now I'm not evaluating potential clustering solutions anymore, Erlang
> has been brought to my attention, and it appears to be designed
> specifically to cluster.

I suppose the sort of software you'll want to use depends entirely on
what you want to do with your cluster.  There are generally three
types of clusters: high-performance, high-availability, and
load-balancing.  OpenMosix and OpenMPI aim at the high-performance
clusters, where you want to run a single application across the whole
system.  Erlang would probably be useful for all three, though it's
not really intended for high-performance numeric computation.

Only OpenMosix attempts to portray your system as a single computer,
but that can be both a benefit and a liability depending on what
you're trying to do.  Most clusters that I'm aware of don't use
OpenMosix or other single-image kinds of systems.


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