Wireshark Deciphering

Daniel teletautala at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 16:24:27 MST 2007

We have a public employee directory webpage on an iSeries written in a
non-standard language.  We have recreated it on a Linux box using php
so that it was incorporated into the CMS on that box.  Both use the
iSeries database for data.  Both web pages are secured via https.  The
directory on the iSeries is proxied through the Linux box.  The one on
the Linux box has minimal graphics and a little bit more html is

The directory on the iSeries consistently takes a fraction of a second
to come up.  The one native on the Linux box takes from 2 - 12 seconds
to load.
I captured 94 packets for the one on the Linux box and 35 packets for
the one on the iSeries.

Why would there be such a discrepancy?  Is there something I can
change on the Linux box? Apache?

I have two wireshark files, but am reluctant to give that out to just
anyone.  Is there someone willing to help?  I will give you the files.


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