ZFS on linux.

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Thu Mar 8 14:32:37 MST 2007

It's finally here.  Sort of.  The ZFS on FUSE project has really come
along lately and it finally is now ready for basic use (and always more
testing).  You couldn't use it as a root file system, and it's not quite
fast enough for a server.  There are still some speed and memory usage
issues to work out.  Other than that, being a fuse file system doesn't
seem to really matter.  Once you launch the fuse zfs daemon, all the sun
ZFS commands work and everything (except NFS exporting) works just like
on the solaris box.   I doubt you'd want to use RaidZ with it yet, just
because of the speed and memory issues.  But if you want to play around
with basic pools, mirrored pools, etc, it's ready to experiment with.  I
have plans to build a mythtv box later in the year and I'm thinking that
the storage on that box is going to be ZFS via fuse.  Anyway, if you're
interested, see

or for a direct download, see


I've just been testing it out on my linux machine with files instead of
devices and everything works as expected.  The behind-the-scenes
corruption fixer is cool too.  You can overwrite one of the mirror
devices with data and it's fixed on the fly.  I'll set it up on some
real disks here pretty soon.


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