Create my own linux ISO

Brian Hawkins brianhks at
Thu Mar 8 13:24:54 MST 2007

Yes that and I want a real life data set.  I'm trying for something that 
is commonly downloaded using bittorrent.  Linux ISO images are what came 
to mind first.  I think I can get done what I need by tearing apart an 
image and them putting it back together with different compression 


Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Thursday 08 March 2007 12:16, Michael Brailsford wrote:
>> Why not do something like create a directory called /tmp/test_data and copy
>> in a few header files or other text files, maybe copy in the whole
>> /usr/include directory to get a bigger size.  Then you can do:
>> $ tar czf /tmp/test.iso /tmp/test_data/*
>> Then you can just make an edit in a file in /tmp/test_data and recreate
>> your "iso", then transfer it and compare what you get on the other end with
>> what you sent.
>> A whole linux distro iso, while nifty, is significant overkill.
> It may be overkill for verifying the correctness of his implementation, but I 
> think he wants a bit larger data set for better performance metrics.
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