Create my own linux ISO

Michael Brailsford brailsmt at
Thu Mar 8 12:16:17 MST 2007

Why not do something like create a directory called /tmp/test_data and copy in a few header files or other text files, maybe copy in the whole /usr/include directory to get a bigger size.  Then you can do:

$ tar czf /tmp/test.iso /tmp/test_data/*

Then you can just make an edit in a file in /tmp/test_data and recreate your "iso", then transfer it and compare what you get on the other end with what you sent.

A whole linux distro iso, while nifty, is significant overkill.


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On Thursday 08 March 2007 10:50, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Thursday 08 March 2007 09:35, Brian Hawkins wrote:
> > Over the next few months I need to put together my own linux distro
> > image.  I guess I need to backup first.  For school I'm creating a way
> > to perform differential bittorrent downloads.  I want to use linux
> > distribution images as my test data.  The idea is that if I have one
> > release of an image and I want to download the next, chances are they
> > are not entirely different.  It would be really cool if I could then use
> > matching blocks from the previous image to complete the new image and
> > therefore shortening my time to download.
> >
> > With that said I need to build my own distribution image that I can
> > update with changes periodically and test against previous images.  I
> > also need to change the way the compression is done when putting the
> > image together.  The compression makes a big difference when trying to
> > find matching blocks in a previous image.
> >
> > So my requirements are:
> > I can build it on my Fedora Core 6 machine.
> > The packages update regularly so I can create new versions of the image
> > with changes.
> > I can modify the compression used when putting the image together.
> >
> > I have no idea where to start with accomplishing this, as I have never
> > put together a distribution before.  I would appreciate anyone with
> > experience in this area.
> Gentoo has a tool to make bootable images as well.
> I'm not sure how you are planning on computing the differences, but as a
> suggestion, xdelta comes to mind as perhaps being useful.

If your end goal is just to test your bittorrent modification, then why bother 
with creating your own distro image?  Why not just download two different 
point releases cds of a distro already available?

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