multiple subnets and DHCP

Hans Fugal hans at
Thu Mar 8 09:49:16 MST 2007

On Thu,  8 Mar 2007 at 08:11 -0700, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 07:55:33AM -0700, Hans Fugal wrote:
> > I have two subnets on one broadcast domain. I have DHCP set up to offer
> > addresses on the two subnets, no problem. It offers static hosts on one
> > subnet, and everyone else goes on the other subnet. They get different
> > routers and everything. It's great.
> > 
> > But I want to give some of the boxes an IP address on *both* subnets.
> > Can I do that with DHCP? I didn't see anything in the dhcpd.conf manpage
> > but I might have missed it.
> I have a few questions about your setup.
> 1) Are the subnets on the same physical network?


> 2) Do the boxes have multiple network cards?


> 3) If there is only one network card, do the machines have multiple
> virtual interfaces?

No, but if you twist my arm hard enough I could do that. I've been
spoiled by iproute and don't believe in virtual interfaces anymore, if I
can help it.

> To give a machine two addresses, I'm pretty sure you're going to need
> two interfaces per machine, possibly with one of them being a virtual
> address.  Each interface should have a different MAC address, so you
> should be able to run DHCP seperately for each interface.
> Am I missing something about your setup?

You might be trying to reconcile my apparently impossible goals with my
apparent sanity. Don't.

Hans Fugal ;
There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the 
right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.
    -- Johann Sebastian Bach
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