multiple subnets and DHCP

Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Thu Mar 8 08:11:08 MST 2007

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 07:55:33AM -0700, Hans Fugal wrote:
> I have two subnets on one broadcast domain. I have DHCP set up to offer
> addresses on the two subnets, no problem. It offers static hosts on one
> subnet, and everyone else goes on the other subnet. They get different
> routers and everything. It's great.
> But I want to give some of the boxes an IP address on *both* subnets.
> Can I do that with DHCP? I didn't see anything in the dhcpd.conf manpage
> but I might have missed it.

I have a few questions about your setup.

1) Are the subnets on the same physical network?

2) Do the boxes have multiple network cards?

3) If there is only one network card, do the machines have multiple
virtual interfaces?

To give a machine two addresses, I'm pretty sure you're going to need
two interfaces per machine, possibly with one of them being a virtual
address.  Each interface should have a different MAC address, so you
should be able to run DHCP seperately for each interface.

Am I missing something about your setup?

Andrew McNabb
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