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Wed Mar 7 16:45:57 MST 2007

Not long ago, Daniel proclaimed...
> I am the Webmaster for the Alpine School District.  Our technology
> department is looking at getting basic Linux training.  We are looking
> at training 30 people on-site.  All will have laptops.  Some attendees
> will not have any prior Linux knowledge.  We are looking to install an
> OS (Red Hat, Suse or Ubuntu), and have Linux basics taught in a 1 day
> training session with the possibility of others in the future.  We are
> looking for quotes for teachers.  We are already looking at Guru Labs
> and Novell.  Does anyone know of any other reputable companies with
> whom we can contract to do the training?

Oh. I read your message all the way through and saw that you WERE already
away of Guru Labs. I'm not aware of any training organization better than
Guru Labs. I've worked for them and I've worked for a couple other training
facilities. They know their stuff and they teach it well.

My apologies for the knee-jerk reply. Now, stop wondering about other
training alternatives and pony up for a 1-week course with Guru Labs at
their facility.

You'll thank me later.

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