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Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Mar 7 16:43:12 MST 2007

Not long ago, Daniel proclaimed...
> I am the Webmaster for the Alpine School District.  Our technology
> department is looking at getting basic Linux training.  We are looking
> at training 30 people on-site.  All will have laptops.  Some attendees
> will not have any prior Linux knowledge.  We are looking to install an
> OS (Red Hat, Suse or Ubuntu), and have Linux basics taught in a 1 day
> training session with the possibility of others in the future.  We are
> looking for quotes for teachers.  We are already looking at Guru Labs
> and Novell.  Does anyone know of any other reputable companies with
> whom we can contract to do the training?

Uhm... Guru Labs, maybe? They're in Bountiful. They
rock... and that's final!
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