Network backup and cloning

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Mon Mar 5 14:58:28 MST 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 14:48 -0700, John Anderson wrote:
> Hey, I was wondering what your guys recommendation for doing cloning of pc's
> and deploying the image over a network is?  I've tried using g4u (
> )  and dd but they both clone the complete
> harddisk (80gb disk means 80gb image).

This was discussed in depth very recently on the list.  I wonder if
there are good search-able archives somewhere... 

Anyway, at my work we've given up on the idea of cloning machines
entirely.  We have set up a special unattended install[1] for Windows XP
(just pxe-boot and go) that can deal with almost any configuration.  For
linux, there are also similar systems of doing automated installs from
pxe.  The thing about this technique is that it can deal with any size
of hard drive practically, and it's very fast, almost as fast as

I've manually cloned running linux machines before with simple rsync.
Just set up fstab and grub on the new machine and you're away.



> Thanks for the tips =)
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