libgpod + python + windows

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Sun Mar 4 17:08:46 MST 2007

libgpod is a C library that provides wrappers around the ipod interface:

I want to use this in a Python program on a Windows machine.
Apparently swig is the way to do this.  However, when I look at the
libgpod docs, it says I'm supposed to compile and install the
libraries on a Unix machine.

I looked at the swig docs and when building for Windows, you're
supposed to make the library into a DLL that you can then load into
your language of choice.  Will this work with a library that's
expecting to be installed on a Unix box?

I've never used swig before and have never written anything
substantial in Python.  Any help that anyone can give here would be
vastly appreciated.


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