MythTV and Comcast HDTV

Barry Roberts blr at
Sat Mar 3 07:30:36 MST 2007

On Sat, 2007-03-03 at 06:36 -0700, Brad Midgley wrote:
> Barry
> I've made about three separate attempts to get my pcHDTV (3000?) to pull
> in comcast hd. No success. One problem is there doesn't seem to be a
> howto anywhere that explains the whole picture. Just bits and pieces all
> over the place mixed up with misinformation.

I just want the channel scan to be as smart as my TV's.  My TV ignores
all the encrypted channels, but they all show up in mythtv's scan.  And
with the speed of changing digital channels (and the occasional "Error
displaying video" when changing to an encrypted channel) it will take
hours to manually take them all out.

Plus comcast doesn't broadcast a channel ID, so I guess I'll have to
manually enter that.  I assume myth uses that to match up with the xmltv

> comcast compresses kued hd so much it looks horrible. I've been thinking
> I need to colocate a myth box somewhere that can get it over the air.

Hmm.  I just did a side-by-side, and KUED-HD does look better from my
antenna.  I mostly want History, Discovery, and Animal Planet from 

Setting up my antenna was cake.  I didn't even know I was getting HD
channels over my analog cable at the time.  So I bought a second tuner
card, expecting it to be as easy to get going as my antenna was.  Turns
out it's going to be a real project, but I'm blaming comcast.

Barry Roberts

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