MythTV and Comcast HDTV

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Sat Mar 3 06:36:35 MST 2007


I've made about three separate attempts to get my pcHDTV (3000?) to pull
in comcast hd. No success. One problem is there doesn't seem to be a
howto anywhere that explains the whole picture. Just bits and pieces all
over the place mixed up with misinformation.

comcast compresses kued hd so much it looks horrible. I've been thinking
I need to colocate a myth box somewhere that can get it over the air.


> Is anybody using an ATSC tuner (like the pcHDTV 5500) with MythTV and
> Comcast?  When I scan for channels, a lot of valid channels are found,
> but the channel numbers don't line up with my television, and several
> are missing.
> I'm hoping I'm just using the wrong frequency table or something, but it
> takes so long to tweak the parameters and re-scan that I really hope
> somebody can tell me which settings worked for you.
> Thanks,
> Barry Roberts
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