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Scott Morris scottmmorris at
Fri Mar 2 14:34:38 MST 2007

Corey Edwards wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 12:34 -0700, Stuart Jansen wrote:
>> On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 12:16 -0700, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
>>> Understood.  My other point, however, is that for a production MySQL server, 
>>> it can be advantageous to remove possible points of failure or slowdown--thus 
>>> I turn off name resolution on MySQL and remove the possibility.
>> I have to agree here. For most services, (Web servers, DB servers, etc.)
>> the disadvantages of performing constant DNS lookups often outweigh the
>> advantages. 
>> Off the top of my head, SMTP is the only common service where DNS is
>> absolutely critical.
>> If you insist on keeping the DNS lookups, you should probably run a
>> caching-only nameserver on the same box to improve performance and
>> reliability. 
> That's something I often forget because in all of our locations we do
> run DNS servers. Definitely a must for running a mail server of any
> appreciable size. I would agree that doing lookups in other cases can be
> a waste, such as for log entries.
>> (I'm sure even Corey will admit that using a local caching-only
>> nameserver is alot better than constantly going across the network.
>> Although the DNS lookups probably don't consume alot of bandwidth, they
>> can introduce alot of delay. Something most people don't think alot
>> about.)
> Parse error at line 18 near "alot better than". Compile aborted. Please
> try again with -w.
> Corey

Excellent points all, gentlemen.  Thank you for all of the thoughts.
That gives me a great mindset to approach from and also some great
places to start.  I will take a look at those things and let you know
what I find out.

Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.


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