mighty mouse [was: Re: Bluetooth Mice (was: [MOLCOT] - cutting an altoids tin )]

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Thu Mar 1 13:27:43 MST 2007

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Justin Findlay wrote:
> and the mighty mouse sounds just as bad or worse, kind of
> like that little stick they used to have poking out of the laptop
> keyboard.

I'm addicted to my mighty mouse. (I didn't seek it out; it came with a
new computer.) I've been using the mighty mouse for a couple of months
now, and from the moment I set my hand on it, the scroll ball felt
like the most natural thing in the world.  Before I started using the
mighty mouse I thought the scroll ball was just a different kind of
scroll wheel, so I was quite pleasantly surprised learn that the
mighty mouse's scroll ball is 2-D.  I was further pleasantly surprised
to learn that the mighty mouse is a multi-button mouse. (The top
buttons share a single mechanical click mechanism but the mouse senses
which position your fingers are pushing; there's another button which
is activated with a squeezing action on the sides--I don't use that
side button very often.)

I generally dislike apple mice because the entire mouse body moves
when you click, and I sometimes have a hard time double-clicking
without accidentally moving the mouse. When I got this computer I
intended to replace the mighty mouse with a trusty logitec mouse.  But
after using the scroll ball for a day or two, I couldn't give it up.


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