Bluetooth Mice (was: [MOLCOT] - cutting an altoids tin )

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Mar 1 08:32:23 MST 2007

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Jason Hall wrote:

> On Wednesday 28 February 2007 16:21, Hill, Greg wrote:
>>> As much as I usually do not like most Microsoft stuff, I too have been 
>>> impressed with their mice.
>> I haven't liked anything other than Logitech for years; maybe I just 
>> haven't tried the right MS Mice.  The ones I have used feel bulky and 
>> unresponsive.
> Agreed, And the last wireless Microsoft mouse I tried could go at most 2 
> feet from the base.
> /me hugs his Logitech mice.

Since we are on the topic of mice, I have been looking for a good 
bluetooth mouse.  Nothing fancy.  Two buttons and a scroll wheel.  The 
only thing fancy that I would enjoy is a scroll wheel that also scrolls 
horizontally.  I currently use an Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse.  It is a 
great little mouse, but the "right-click" has some inconsistencies and 


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