Low-Cost/Free Service Monitoring

Jordan Curzon jordan at splashnetworks.net
Fri Jun 29 11:46:01 MDT 2007

I use http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/Watchdog.do It is free, but
monitoring is only done every 15min. I also use
http://www.montastic.com/ which checks every 5, is very reliable and
is also free, but they only check websites.

On 6/27/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at ryansimpkins.com> wrote:
> On Wed, June 27, 2007 13:45, Daniel wrote:
> > I am willing to show my ignorance on this one.  I would like to do
> > something similar in the future.  By the time I actually get around to
> > this computers will be obsolete, but I want the knowledge beforehand.
> >
> > Here is my query, couldn't you put all of the servers behind a pfSense
> > firewall (http://www.pfsense.com/) and use that to monitor what is
> > going on?
> >
> > Again I could be way off base, but I also want to know if that is a solution.
> Perhaps that could work in some cases. In my case the servers are geo-diverse
> so putting them all behind one device isn't an option. In fact, that is the
> main challenge. It is amazing how much money people want for an automated
> service that makes a TCP/IP connection, then sends out an e-mail here and
> there when stuff fails. Professionally I use keynote.com and gomez.com. Very
> expensive services, but they do extensive and complex web site testing.
> Keynote is especially complex, I've used them to test wide-ranging geo
> location performance (with cross-site performance, etc).
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