SPF sucks

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Thu Jun 28 10:19:24 MDT 2007

Steven Alligood <steve at bluehost.com> writes:

> Before you can convincingly argue against SPF, you need to come up
> with something that works better and is still as easy to implement.

I'm not sure why it's necessary to come up with something better
before criticizing what exists.  Broken things are broken regardless
of whether something better currently exists.  There are, in fact,
reasonable arguments against using most broken things even when there
are no better alternatives.  Those arguments won't always win in every
situation, but that doesn't make them unworthy of consideration.

Finally, ease of implementation is NO EXCUSE for brokenness.  If X is
broken but easy to implement, and Y is not broken but difficult to
implement, then the existence of Y does not preclude arguments against
X simply because Y is hard.  Sometimes the right solution IS hard.


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