Low-Cost/Free Service Monitoring

Daniel teletautala at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 13:45:01 MDT 2007

I am willing to show my ignorance on this one.  I would like to do
something similar in the future.  By the time I actually get around to
this computers will be obsolete, but I want the knowledge beforehand.

Here is my query, couldn't you put all of the servers behind a pfSense
firewall (http://www.pfsense.com/) and use that to monitor what is
going on?

Again I could be way off base, but I also want to know if that is a solution.


On 6/27/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at ryansimpkins.com> wrote:
> I have a collection of Linux servers providing various services (web, e-mail,
> ftp) that I'd like to monitor. I am already using Nagios, but I've seen some
> issues latley where a third party service monitoring solution (with decent
> geo-diversity) would be very helpful. Because these are personal/secondary
> servers I don't want to pay much (free is the best).
> So far in my searches the 'best' I've found are these guys:
> http://www.alertbot.com
> They are $67.92/year for 10 ports (can be on different hosts) using a 5 minute
> monitoring interval. A 30 minute interval is $17.40/year. Has anyone used
> them? Who do you use?
> -Ryan
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