SPF, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Jun 27 09:31:21 MDT 2007

Dave Smith wrote:
> Here's some more information on the subject. I thought I would include 
> the messages as they come from "mail" vs. Thunderbird.

Here's an interesting tidbit from a guy with the same problem as me:

"I started playing around with clients rather than concentrating on 
server setup, and I've had some interesting results. I can send to 
Hotmail without a problem using Outlook 2003, but no cigar with Mozilla 
Thunderbird. I haven't tested other email clients yet, but I think that 
this suggests that the headers the email clients add to an email also 
play a crucial role in determining if the mail gets through or not. This 
is BAD news because as a system admin there is generally very little you 
can do about this. I'll be interested to continue testing, especially 
with the user-agent and x-mailer headers."

Source (near the bottom): 

Very strange.


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