Hosting, from me!

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Jun 26 20:53:53 MDT 2007

Brandon Stout wrote:
> Von Fugal wrote:
>> You know what woulb be slick as a pengiun on a rainy day... A service
>> where you provide a public ip address to the NATed who wish not to be
>> so, but have little option. You could do some kind of openvpn thing or
>> otherwise do some kind of virtual interface so as far as the os is
>> concerned you simply have an interface with a public ip. You could even
>> go Hamachi style for windows folk.
>> Von Fugal
> Or... you could forgoe the NAT thing altogether - something built to 
> get around the limited number of available IP addresses on the 
> Internet, and go IP V6...  The VPS v3 FreBSD and Linux plans both 
> offer IP V6.


I for one think that's a fantastic idea!


Most people don't use NAT by choice. Besides, IPv6 is not exactly widely 
adopted at this point. Do *any* ISP's in Utah offer it?


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