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Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Jun 26 18:27:40 MDT 2007

Von Fugal wrote:
> You know what woulb be slick as a pengiun on a rainy day... A service
> where you provide a public ip address to the NATed who wish not to be
> so, but have little option. You could do some kind of openvpn thing or
> otherwise do some kind of virtual interface so as far as the os is
> concerned you simply have an interface with a public ip. You could even
> go Hamachi style for windows folk.
> Von Fugal

Or... you could forgoe the NAT thing altogether - something built to get 
around the limited number of available IP addresses on the Internet, and 
go IP V6...  The VPS v3 FreBSD and Linux plans both offer IP V6.

Brandon Stout

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