Hosting, from me!

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Jun 26 15:10:22 MDT 2007

I sent a similar email to UPHPU, and thought I'd send one here as well.  
This email addresses two things:

 1. I can help host for less, and I'm negotiable (cost, friends sharing 
a server cost with friends, etc)
 2. I'm potentially looking for partners

Therefore, if you are looking for hosting options, or if you are looking 
to help me start a hosting service, read on.

I recently signed up to be a reseller with Verio.  Maybe it'll even 
replace my phone-call taking job with Verio if I find enough success 
with this.  I have no servers yet - first I want to find some partners - 
people who want to share the cost, the time, and the profits.  I can get 
any server plan with Verio for less than the price listed on their site 
- not because I'm an employee taking advantage of things, but because 
I'm now a contracted third party reseller.  It costs less partly because 
I (and anyone who joins me) will offer tech support instead of Verio - 
and UPHPU members probably don't need as much support.

I can offer several hosting options, including (my first choices are the 
top 2):

FreeBSD VPS 3 - this has root access to a virtual machine, Apache 2.2, 
MySQL 5, PHP 5, and other up-to-date technologies.
Linux VPS - same as above, but with Red Hat Linux (or a close spin-off).
Signature shared hosting.
Automatic online PC drive backup.

I also have a 64 bit LAMP (OpenSuse 10.2, Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x, 
MySQL 5.0.x, PHP 5.2.x) server at home that I'm open to sharing, but 
it's currently limited to 800+ k upload speed.

Email me off list if you are interested, or send comments to the list 
with suggestions.

Brandon Stout

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