Postfix relaying question

Kirk Cerny kirksemail at
Mon Jun 25 15:27:08 MDT 2007

Did you look at the relayhost parameter in
It sounds like it does what you need

On 6/25/07, Michael L Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 13:17 -0600, Kirk Cerny wrote:
> > I have not rried it but, you could use a regex in the virtual file to
> > match all after all the other matches, and forward them to there
> > desired location.
> >
> > # virtual file
> > /^(.*)@(.*)$/    $1@$2
> Nope that won't work.  I need to forward mail to a particular MX, not an
> e-mail address.  in other words blah at gets forwarded to SERVER
> B, which takes care of blah at  The e-mail address it is going to
> is still blah at
> A common use case for this type of things is a SMTP server that accepts
> mail, then, based on the address (and/or the domain) relays the mail on
> to the server that handles those addresses.  For example, a corporation
> may have a corporate e-mail server that sends mail off to regional
> servers based on some criteria that could even be something to do with
> the username part.
> In my case I'm using Google Apps for domains, but I want my server to
> accept all the mail first, processing the accounts that it has, and then
> sending whatever it doesn't want to deal with off to google's MX where
> the rest of my users are managed.
> I'll keep researching.
> Michael
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