Some questions from my dad, who may go Linux...

Brandon Stout bms at
Sun Jun 24 18:40:44 MDT 2007

Hey y'all, I'm building a system for my dad, or he may get a Dell, which
you can now get with Ubuntu pre-packaged.  He has a few questions.  I'm
going to send him the link to the thread, so please be nice and don't
start flame wars please :).  Also, consider that for simplicity I use
the term "Linux" where "Various Linux Distributions" is probably more
appropriate - for simplicity.  His questions, with my answers:

>   * Palm isn't using the Linux system yet. So would a Pocket PC be 
> better for Linux, and will any Pocket PC work with Linux?

Either should work because I've seen the software packages, but has
anyone had better experiences with one or the other?

>   * My Garman GPS "StreetPilot 2610", I need to link with it and down 
> load and load data?

If I were a betting man, I'd bet you can use it with Linux, but since
you raised me not to be, I'll ask the Provo Linux User Group ( )

>   * What about digital cameras and the programs for the pictures and 
> editing of the pictures and printing them?

My scanner works with Linux (I use OpenSuse).  In fact, I like the
software Linux provides to work with it better than the software that
came with the scanner to use it with Windows.  Linux supports most
digital cameras, and has plenty of picture editing and printing software
that are free, and easy to install.  In fact, most Linux distributions
have a huge amount of software all available from one tool, which makes
it easy to install everything you need from a single source.  If you
don't like one program, you can usually find another one that does what
you want that you like - that's the nature of the open source world.

>   * What about the printers I have?

Linux supports most printers.  I recall that you have a HP PhotoSmart
1100.  Most, and perhaps all HP printers work well in Linux.  I'm
pleased with my HP printer (which is also my scanner).

>   * Internet surfing?

Definitely.  You can choose between several browsers, all of which have
few problems than Internet Explorer, and all of which I personally like
more than IE.  Furthermore, 2/3 of the Internet is hosted on Linux
servers.  Not only can you surf, you can host... easily.

> I still have questions about going Linux as you can see.

No problem.  Ask away.  Another thing to consider:  Trying it costs you
nothing.  If you don't like it, you can still buy Windows Vista Home for
somewhere between $120 and $200 (OEM), and not lose another dollar.

Brandon Stout

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