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Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Fri Jun 22 18:04:10 MDT 2007

On 6/22/07, Ryan Price <rprice2 at> wrote:
> is a bit steep at ~$40/year, but meets my needs. Has
> unlimited storage, decent upload tools including a drag-drop interface
> that works from Firefox on Linux, and a good interface.

I love smugmug!  My wife uses it more than I do, and we got
grandfathered in at $30/year.  Unlimited storage, and the original
sizes of your photos are easily accessible through their UI to
visitors of your galleries.  Sometimes folks want the original digital
picture, not just the web viewable dpi/low res version...

Smugmug also makes it easy to categorize and apply security options
(like password protecting a certain group of pictures) to your

The interface is uncluttered - I really don't care about other
people's photos - I'm there to see the pics of people I know, even
though smugmug does offer a way for me to see others' photos as well.
The UI also makes it easy to perform operations on non-contiguous
multiple photos at the same time, like batch rotating or batch

Smugmug got a "KickAss" award from Maximum PC in February 2005, and we
signed up a few months afterward.  I've no reason to look elsewhere -
I'm a happy customer, and my wife is the one who does all of our photo
uploading now - including high-res scans of the immediate and extended
family scrapbook pages.

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