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Jesse Stay jesse at
Fri Jun 22 14:21:39 MDT 2007

On 6/22/07, Jason Hall <jayce at> wrote:
> Not perfect, but one that I use is Apache::Gallery.  It doesn't hav ethe
> whizz-bang features, some I've looked at doing, but here is *why* I like it.
> a) lightweight, uses imlib and is very fast
> b) smart caching
> c) Filesystem based,  just drop my files on  the server via sshfs or other,
> nothing else needed
> d) no heavy dependencies, no database, etc
> e) processes on request, dont' need to do a lot of work, just drop the files
> in
> Now it's a bit older, missing some nifty things, but those were key when I
> chose it, and it's still a great simple gallery.

For those that like hosting on their own server, Picasa (and I think
Flickr too) offer an API to their system so you can load the pictures
you store with them anywhere and any way you want on your own website.
 I'm creating a picasaweb to flickr app for Facebook right now using
that - APIs make things so much easier, as I can now rely on Google's
teams of Engineers to host, backup, etc. my pics and at the same time
do whatever I want with them.



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