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Jason Hall jayce at
Fri Jun 22 13:27:46 MDT 2007

Not perfect, but one that I use is Apache::Gallery.  It doesn't hav ethe
whizz-bang features, some I've looked at doing, but here is *why* I like it.

a) lightweight, uses imlib and is very fast
b) smart caching
c) Filesystem based,  just drop my files on  the server via sshfs or other,
nothing else needed
d) no heavy dependencies, no database, etc
e) processes on request, dont' need to do a lot of work, just drop the files

Now it's a bit older, missing some nifty things, but those were key when I
chose it, and it's still a great simple gallery.


On 6/21/07, Clint Savage <herlo1 at> wrote:
> So I've been using for a while.  And I really like it.
> Trouble is, they've had some serious problems with their servers.  I think
> the whole two man company isn't enough for them and they should hire more
> people, but that's not the problem I come to you pluggers with today.
> Instead, I'd like to detail out the requirements I have (or would like)
> for
> a photo sharing site.  For me, most of this seems pretty simple, but I've
> yet to find a site with all of these components built in:
> Things zooomr has that I like:
>    - Unlimited Storage - Seems easy, but I really do have 7G of pictures
>    I've taken this year alone.  Don't even start asking about last year.
>    - Simple login - zooomr uses OpenID for login, or you can assign your
>    own.  I like the concept of OpenID, and I think it'll catch on.
>    - External Upload tool - In this case its the same one that flickr
>    uses, jUploader.  A nice java based tool which makes it easier to be
> cross
>    platform.  jUploader will allow you to resize your photos before
> sending
>    them up, very nice features
>    - Sets/Grouping - For the most part, the way zooomr allows you to
>    create simple easy sets of pictures, grouped by simple things
>    - View Mode - View pictures in order, either from the set or all
>    pictures.  The way flickr does it just bugs me for some
> reason.  zooomr's
>    way seems more clear to me
>    - Easy rotation - Although I found that the zooomr tools for this were
>    easy to use, they didn't always work correctly.
> I am sure there are a ton of options out there.  I am interested in both
> for
> pay, and free, but I'd prefer a free site for obvious reasons.
> I go into this with my eyes open.  I choose my own participatory
> panopticon.
> So now let the debate begin.
> Cheers,
> Clint
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