[UPHPU] Fwd: Photo Sharing Sites

Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Fri Jun 22 11:48:32 MDT 2007

On 6/21/07, Clint Savage <herlo1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Give me alternates to flickr.  I like it, but isn't there other sites out
> there that have better/different features?  Flickr's nice yeah, but I just
> don't like a few of things about it.
> I guess I hoped for a better response.  I've done some research and have
> seen several I like, many have most or all of the features I like.  Many
> don't obviously.  I think I'd prefer to see the options and not limit it to
> one.  Share with me why you like them, or what's better about them.  That's
> why I sent this email.

I'm surprised no one's brought up picasaweb.  That's my preference -
works well with picasa, and one of the best interfaces if you ask me
out there on the web.  While probably not a ton of space, a free
account gives you 2 Gb of storage.  Paid ($15 yearly I think) gives
about 6Gb of storage (Google really needs to make that unlimited).
It's served me very well thus far, and I always get comments from
family on how easy it is to browse through the pictures I upload for
them to view.



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