[UPHPU] Fwd: Photo Sharing Sites

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 23:15:49 MDT 2007

On 6/21/07, Jim Anderson <jim.anderson at techiegroup.com> wrote:
> the bang for my buck is all about the flickr. i love all aspects of it.
> its upload tools and online features really speak to me. flickr has all
> of the features that you listed, with the exception of openid, and the
> price is a pittance for everything that i can do.
> one thing that i really love, which zoomr may have [probably, but i
> don't really know] is the ease of uploading camera phone pics i can
> totally customize the way it posts to my account, all in the email/text
> message that i send.
> the stand-alone apps that have been created [juploader is one, but i
> didn't like it, the interface was lame and it was a whole lot slower
> than other apps offered,] or their online upload interface. those both
> are great by my standards.
> -jim

Give me alternates to flickr.  I like it, but isn't there other sites out
there that have better/different features?  Flickr's nice yeah, but I just
don't like a few of things about it.

I guess I hoped for a better response.  I've done some research and have
seen several I like, many have most or all of the features I like.  Many
don't obviously.  I think I'd prefer to see the options and not limit it to
one.  Share with me why you like them, or what's better about them.  That's
why I sent this email.

Thank you,


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