Photo Sharing Sites

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Thu Jun 21 16:49:46 MDT 2007

So I've been using for a while.  And I really like it.
Trouble is, they've had some serious problems with their servers.  I think
the whole two man company isn't enough for them and they should hire more
people, but that's not the problem I come to you pluggers with today.

Instead, I'd like to detail out the requirements I have (or would like) for
a photo sharing site.  For me, most of this seems pretty simple, but I've
yet to find a site with all of these components built in:

Things zooomr has that I like:

   - Unlimited Storage - Seems easy, but I really do have 7G of pictures
   I've taken this year alone.  Don't even start asking about last year.
   - Simple login - zooomr uses OpenID for login, or you can assign your
   own.  I like the concept of OpenID, and I think it'll catch on.
   - External Upload tool - In this case its the same one that flickr
   uses, jUploader.  A nice java based tool which makes it easier to be cross
   platform.  jUploader will allow you to resize your photos before sending
   them up, very nice features
   - Sets/Grouping - For the most part, the way zooomr allows you to
   create simple easy sets of pictures, grouped by simple things
   - View Mode - View pictures in order, either from the set or all
   pictures.  The way flickr does it just bugs me for some reason.  zooomr's
   way seems more clear to me
   - Easy rotation - Although I found that the zooomr tools for this were
   easy to use, they didn't always work correctly.

I am sure there are a ton of options out there.  I am interested in both for
pay, and free, but I'd prefer a free site for obvious reasons.

I go into this with my eyes open.  I choose my own participatory panopticon.

So now let the debate begin.



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