High speed options in Saratoga Springs

rog circle at utahweb.com
Wed Jun 20 04:10:38 MDT 2007

Is ATT in Saratoga Springs?

AT&T offers DSL for $10 in some areas
AT&T began offering broadband Internet service for $10 a month, half the 
price of its cheapest advertised plan. The DSL plan introduced Saturday 
is part of the concessions made by AT&T to the Federal Communications 
Commission to secure approval of its $86 billion acquisition of 
BellSouth Corp.
Bryan Sant wrote:
> I know many have asked this question before on the list, but I'm
> hoping that the old information is out dated.
> What high speed providers are there in Saratoga Springs?  Are they all
> wireless ISPs?  Any wired providers?  Which of these IPS p0wnz the
> others?
> Thanks much,
> -Bryan

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