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Sun Jun 17 00:07:00 MDT 2007

Not long ago, Ryan Simpkins proclaimed...
> Big thanks to all those that came and made the BBQ/Party a success. Lots
> of great ideas were shared. It was great debating the finer points of
> Linux distros while waiting for the grill to (finally) get up to temp.
> Also a big thanks to all the spouses/S.O.s of the members for bringing
> their perspective to the party along with lots of great food.

Ditto here. It was great to see some of you I hadn't seen in a while and to
finally meet others I hadn't met in-person before.

Thanks to redbeard (Joe Hall) for spoiling everyone with his perfectly
seasoned and marinated flank steak and pork samples. Whew. 

I'll be uploading some pictures I took soon.

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