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> We, at my work, am looking at putting firewalls at each school.  The
> throughput for each school is at max 35MBs.  I am in contact with
> someone that sells pfSense appliances and I don't know much about it.
> His company is willing to sell us appliances at $500 a piece with a
> warranty.  We want most of the features of it, but we want someone to
> set it up for us and fine tune it with us.  Is there anyone out there
> that has experience with pfSense or has suggestions on an alternative?
> -Daniel
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I built my own appliance using the following readily available parts:
   net4801-50	PN: 10480151	$240
   Power Supply	PN: 31321215	$15

   Kingston 512mb Compact Flash card	$9.19  $FREE

This makes for a small quite appliance that has no fans, hard drives  
or other failure prone hardware. Take a look at these screen shots

  to get an idea what the user interface looks like. Monowall has  
worked great for me. If you have any other questions, feel free to  
contact me off list.


John Twitchell

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