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Mike Lovell toelovell at
Thu Jun 14 20:01:37 MDT 2007

Daniel wrote:
> We, at my work, am looking at putting firewalls at each school.  The
> throughput for each school is at max 35MBs.  I am in contact with
> someone that sells pfSense appliances and I don't know much about it.
> His company is willing to sell us appliances at $500 a piece with a
> warranty.  We want most of the features of it, but we want someone to
> set it up for us and fine tune it with us.  Is there anyone out there
> that has experience with pfSense or has suggestions on an alternative?
> -Daniel
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I currently use pfSense for my router at home and do quite a bit with 
it. It has a nice user interface and a lot of features that you wouldn't 
find on most commercial routers. My question would be if $500 is a 
little too much for what you are getting. I am running it on a PIII 500 
with 128MB of RAM. So if you have an old PC sitting around that can be 
used for it, just download pfSense from their website and install it. It 
is a relatively simple setup. I have been using it for almost 18 months 
and has been great. If you want alternatives, m0n0wall 
( is also good. pfSense is actually based off of m0n0wall.

So, for a quick summary, pfSense makes a great firewall/router/general 
network appliance.

Mike Lovell

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