Video Chat Linux Tools

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Sat Jun 9 08:48:55 MDT 2007

So I have a slight rant I'd like to post here.

Why are there not any good Linux video chat tools?  I've tried just about
every one I can find, and things just don't work.  Thing is, I am not just
interested in chatting with other Linux users, but even that would be a good
first step.

There used to be gnomemeeting, which can supposedly connect and chat with
netmeeting (which doesn't really exist anymore), but since they moved that
to Ekiga, I can't even chat with other Linux users on it.  Today, I spent a
good couple hours with my friend Christer trying to communicate with him.
Albeit, I am at a hotel and he is too, but in Windows, there are still
several options that fit my needs.  I've tried wine too, and for the most
part something is always lacking in Linux.

There's a few good things in Linux that are much more improved over recent
attempts I've made to get my camera working.  One of them is that there now
seems to be a stable driver, over the old broken spca5xx driver, for my
webcam.  And I can record myself, which I suppose is a good thing, and send
that out, which definitely has some advantages.  But real time video chat
seems to be a problem in Linux and I can't understand why.

Anyone have any suggestions above and beyond the stuff I've tried?

Here's a short list of all the tools I've tried, and failed to get working.


Ekiga (appears to almost work, then fails)
Skype (but it doesn't have video for linux)
WengoPhone (you've gotta pay for it, but I can't find the Linux download).
If anyone knows where to get this on a trial basis, I am wiling to pay.

Others via wine

Yahoo! Messenger
MSN Messenger

There were others, but these are a good list off the top of my head.  Give
me options people.  This is Open Source for heavens sake!  I want to see
what is out there before I start a project that will meet my needs.



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