[JOB] Job announcement for True North Academy

Scott Morris smorris at suseblog.com
Thu Jun 7 22:06:31 MDT 2007

Jason Jones wrote:
> I've gotta post something...  This job opportunity is posted for my
> replacement.  I've been working at Truenorth Academy since January of
> 2006,
> and aside from the usual business / bureaucratic crap that has existed
> for
> every company I've ever worked for (besides one, but that's a different
> story), Truenorth Academy is a *great* place to work.  Nobody from
> Truenorth
> paid me for posting this, or even knows of it.
> I've also gotta say that I've never seen an IT dept. do so much with so
> little in such a short amount of time.  Very unique synergy among all the
> members of that dept.  If it weren't for the opportunity which crossed
> roads
> with me, I'd still be happily employed at Truenorth.  In fact, I'm
> quite sad
> to leave such a great team.  Take the simplicity and efficiency of
> communication in the job posting, translate that into a work environment,
> and that's what the IT team is like at Truenorth Academy.
> Just had to say somethin'.
> --Jason
And heaven love ya' for doin' so, bruthuh.  I seriously pitty the fool
that takes Jason's place.  But seriously, whoever it is will get a great
position, except that they'll have to put up with me. :| OK, the end.


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