[JOB] Job announcement for True North Academy

Jason Jones poeticintensity at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 21:57:24 MDT 2007

I've gotta post something...  This job opportunity is posted for my
replacement.  I've been working at Truenorth Academy since January of 2006,
and aside from the usual business / bureaucratic crap that has existed for
every company I've ever worked for (besides one, but that's a different
story), Truenorth Academy is a *great* place to work.  Nobody from Truenorth
paid me for posting this, or even knows of it.

I've also gotta say that I've never seen an IT dept. do so much with so
little in such a short amount of time.  Very unique synergy among all the
members of that dept.  If it weren't for the opportunity which crossed roads
with me, I'd still be happily employed at Truenorth.  In fact, I'm quite sad
to leave such a great team.  Take the simplicity and efficiency of
communication in the job posting, translate that into a work environment,
and that's what the IT team is like at Truenorth Academy.

Just had to say somethin'.


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