VOIP Provider Again

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Wed Jun 6 17:06:25 MDT 2007

> Back to MLM's - They are (in my opinion) like my idea to hook a generator
> off the wheel of a bike to a motor to drive the bike.  Without a constant
> influx of extra energy / resources from constant customer growth, the whole
> organization topples.  In this regard, I feel that the MLM business model
> is fundamentally flawed - the laws of the universe are conspiring against
> the organization and they rarely last long. (where long is defined as > 25
> years of business w/out  huge paradigm shifts in what they sell, how they
> sell it, or how compensation is structured to their staff).

I believe MLMs are at best a zero-sum game, but more typically are 
negative-sum games. You are either winning or losing, and if you are winning, 
it is at the cost of someone else losing.


My favorite part of that page is the photo of Einstein showing some guy why 
Amway doesn't work.

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