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Sorry to top-post but it doesn't make sense for me to in-line my
response in this case:

Others here know exactly what I meant, but this is a religious issue
and as such you won't be convinced by what I have to say.  MLMs are
deceptive and prey on people's ignorance or inability to think for

If you stopped working for ACN today, and I mean really not lifting
another finger or moving your lips even once more for them (no more
meetings either, I'm serious) would the money continue to flow
indefinitely?  Would it really?  C'mon, don't kid yourself.

There are only two ways to make money: work and risk (well,
risk+money).  You have to put one (really both) of those into the
system to get money out.  There is no other way.

On 6/6/07, Ron Rafajko <ronrafajko at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Andrew:
>  Why are my statements stupid to make to a potential customer?  They are not
> paying me "money for no reason".  They would be indirectly paying me because
> I acquired a new customer for ACN and helped ACN make more money.  Plus, for
> most of my customers I save them money over what they are now paying!  I
> acquire most of my customers mainly because they know I am financially
> benefiting from the transaction.  They want my business to grow and my
> family to benefit.
>  Is someone not going to buy or use a product or service because someone
> else is going to make money on the transaction?  When I purchased my Dell
> computer I was not offended to know Michael Dell and probably scores of
> other people who did nothing were going to put more money in their pockets
> as a direct result of my purchase.
>  I stated that "You would appreciate the business model if you appreciated
> residual income. . .", and I believe that to be true.  Let's look at
> residual income first and then the ACN business model.
>  I believe residual income is the best way to make money.  With residual
> income I perform a task once and get paid over and over again for that work
> I did one time.  There are many industries (not counting Network Marketing)
> that use this model as I mentioned: the music industry, the film industry,
> the publishing industry, the insurance industry, some parts of the
> investment industry. I think you would agree that J.K. Rowling does not need
> to work another day in her life and she will continue to make an incredibly
> large amount of money every year from the seven books she wrote one time.
> Every time someone buys one of her books or goes to see a Harry Potter
> movie, she makes more money. When someone buys insurance from their Allstate
> or State Farm agent, that agent makes money every month (or year) for a task
> they did one time.  Linear income means you work, you get paid, you don't
> work, you don't get paid.  Unfortunately that is how most of us earn our
> money.
>  How has ACN incorporated residual income to pay it's representatives?
> Let's first look at Qwest.  If a Qwest agent acquires a new customer, they
> make a small residual income off that customer as long as they are a Qwest
> customer.  If the customer leaves to go to Vonage, the associated residual
> income ends. The same process works with ACN.  You acquire a customer that
> uses ACN's local and/or long distance services, you make a small percentage
> of their bill as residual income for every month they are an ACN customer.
> To make it even better, ACN allows you to recruit other representatives, and
> when they acquire customers, you both can earn residual income on that new
> customer's bill.  Now you can multiply your efforts worldwide and benefit
> from the thousands of customers acquired worldwide.  ACN also makes it
> easier to acquire customers by adding other products such as Internet access
> (both dial-up and DSL), Digital Phone Service (with video phone options),
> cell phones (with all major carriers), and data cards.
>  Andrew, you may not like Network Marketing, but you cannot argue with the
> results.  Spencer Hunn brought ACN to Utah four years ago when he was a 22
> year  old college student, and he now has over 20,000 representatives in his
> organization acquiring customers.  His first year he made more than
> $250,000.  Now he never needs to work another day of his life at a job, and
> like J.K. Rowley, the money will just keep pouring in.  More importantly, he
> has helped his Mother, Father, and sister succeed in the company along with
> many others that are now financially independent.  They will never need to
> worry about how to pay for a child's braces, how to repair a broken car, or
> how to pay a medical bill.  My goal is to also achieve financial
> Independence for my family and then bless the lives of thousands of others
> by giving to charities.
>  Thanks for your time.
>  ~Ron Rafajko
>  American Fork, Utah
>  On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 10:01 -0600, Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> On 6/5/07, Ron Rafajko <ronrafajko at gmail.com> wrote:
> > You would appreciate the business model if you appreciated residual
> > income like an insurance agent does, an author does, or a musician does.
> > Too bad the computer industry cannot pay employees every month for the
> > work they will do today for their company?
> This is a stupid statement to make to a potential customer. Though I
> suppose there are likely no potential customers here, you don't go and
> say how fun it will be for them to pay you money for no reason.
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