VOIP Provider Again

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Jun 6 12:41:10 MDT 2007

+++ Ron Rafajko [06/06/07 12:17 -0600]:
>    Dr. Jones:
>    I am sorry you had that experience with ACN.  I am trying to locate some
>    contacts within the company that will be able to answer technical
>    questions and provide technical documents.

Don't hold your breath. When a company is geared to the consumer market,
they do not place any value on the availability of technical support below
the surface, nothing to answer serious questions. But, I'd eat my words if
they have finally matured and DO have tech support which will address the
questions I have. 

>    ACN has been around for over 14 years, so two years ago ACN would not have
>    been a "handy-dandy new MLM".  Maybe it was new to them.  That is more
>    likely the case seeing the piquing comments they make.

Maybe I am talking about and considering a different ACN. The ACN I know
about is the one which started out pitching Lower Utility Billing, by
contracting with public service utilities such as Natural Gas, Water,
Electricity, et al. Is this the same ACN which has refocused it's efforts on
VOIP and the Net? 

>    I have been an ACN local and long distance customer for over two years
>    (long before I was a representative) and I have never had a problem they
>    could not resolve in a timely manner.  Much to the contrary, I love their
>    24 hour customer service as apposed to Qwest's 8am-6pm Mon-Fri customer
>    service.  I once had a problem with no dial tone that I verified was on
>    the line side of the Dmark.  I called on a Saturday morning and they had
>    it back up in no time.  In fact, since ACN leases Qwest's lines, ACN
>    customers have priority over Qwest's own customers.

Such service does sound impressive. Hopefully it's a different company than
when I interacted with them or when my patient did. 
>  cable TV providers and satellite, where customers demand customized plans,
>  without all the BS cruft that no one ever wants to consume.

I was pointing to cable television as an example of cruft forced upon
consumers. Sign up for cable TV and you get plan A, B or C...and included
with each plan are channels which everyone wants, plus other crufty/BS which
no one ever wants, the junk stuff. Call up Comcast and ask to only get local
broadcast programming, plus your favorite movie channels, and sports
channels WITHOUT any of the other dumb stuff that you hope never to watch.
They will say Sorry, You can get the channels you want, but these others are
included...that's the plan...No Substitutions! 

Qwest currently advertises High Speed Internet, which their 'customers'
swear on the ad that the speed with Qwest just Feels faster...hell, how
about some concrete measurements, such as www.speakeasy.net... to really
show speed. You can't order the service they provide, at the price
quoted WITHOUT also purchasing a voiceline, or some other service. 

There is no 'a la carte' selection. They put the 'package' together and
that's what you get, take it or leave it. This, imho, is cruft or junk, it's
saying, you get this thing you really want, only if we also force you to
take this other junk you don't want, but we gotta move it out. 

I'd like to get cable net access at my office from comcast and choose xmission as my
ISP, and choose whether I get a Static IP or whether it is dynamic, and i
don't want to get penalized and have to pay double for overlapping services.
Alas, the current system and marketing goals of all the providers disallows
me getting just what I want, and paying only for the services I want,
without other extra unwanted stuff. 

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