ANN: Surgeworks is looking for Rails developers

Carl Youngblood carl at
Wed Jun 6 11:40:15 MDT 2007

For our current and future projects, Surgeworks has been focusing
heavily on rapid application development with Ruby on Rails.  We are
putting together an all-star team both here and offshore that will be
able to handle the increasing amount of work that is coming our way.
As a member of our Rails team, you would be working with me directly.
I look forward to having a number of sharp guys on our team so we can
learn from each other and build some really cool apps.

An exciting recent addition to our team is Fabio Akita, who will be
our Rails Practice Manager for the country of Brazil and is the
publisher of the only Portuguese book on Rails available today, and
also helped translate 37signals' Getting Real into Portuguese.

We are looking for developers of varying skill levels.  You don't need
to be a Rails expert, but you need to have at least a couple years of
software engineering experience and you need to be a quick learner and
highly self-motivated, caring for your craft as an artist or skilled
artisan and not just a day laborer.  Compensation will depend on

We are interested both in people who would like to work as hourly
consultants, as well as salaried employees with full benefits.

Please contact Don Skillman, dskillman at (801-971-0003)
to begin the application process.  If you have questions about the
position or of a more technical nature, go ahead and ask me directly.


Carl Youngblood

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