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Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Jun 6 11:32:07 MDT 2007

Regarding ...

> > You would appreciate the business model if you appreciated residual
> > income like an insurance agent does, an author does, or a musician does.
> > Too bad the computer industry cannot pay employees every month for the
> > work they will do today for their company?
> Independent of whether it's a wise or foolish choice financially and/or
> ethically, I am still interested in the technical definition of a
> network which is "optimized for video". Surely we can appreciate cool
> technical solutions regardless of politics.

One of my patients approached me over 2 years ago, about signing up with
ACN. At the time, I indicated I would be interested in signing up IF I could
get someone to answer my technical questions about how ACN's brand of VOIP
worked, how they would provide DSL/BROADBAND, etc. 

Not only was I completely unable to find anyone with 1) any technical
knowledge about VOIP or Broadband, or 2) any train of thought other than
"See how much money you can make in our handy-dandy new MLM, my patient, a
year later told me they had horrible service with their phone and 'net
access through ACN. I felt so glad that I never jumped on the ACN wagon

I grant that the business models of ACN, or Qwest, or Comcast or any other
service provider is geared to the clueless masses, at some point they must
offer a la carte service and allow customers to pick and choose. This is
starting to happen in the unraveling of the business plans of the likes of
cable TV providers and satellite, where customers demand customized plans,
without all the BS cruft that no one ever wants to consume. 


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