PLUG Summer Party: Saturday, June 16th @6pm-9pm

Joseph Hall joseph at
Wed Jun 6 10:13:15 MDT 2007

I plan to bring flank steak, a reluctant wife, a prima donna infant
(she'll be a Linux hacker yet!), and probably a few old computer parts
to try and give away.

On 5/30/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> I have paid Orem city the registration fee for the use of one of their parks.
> Below are the details:
> Address: City Center Park, 100 North 300 East, Orem
> Pavilion: Senior Citizens Pavilion (cause we are all old, or something)
> Date: Saturday, June 16th
> Time: 6pm-9pm (those setting up be there at 5:30pm)
> Notes: 30 tables, 300 person capacity, 4 grills, drinking fountain, right next
> to a playground for the kids (it should accommodate quite a few kids).
> Power: 2 outlets at 20 amps each. We need to be careful not to blow the
> circuit because they will not send someone to reset it.
> General Directions: Head east on Center street in Orem. Turn left on 400 E,
> then left on 100N. The pavilion is on the left. There is parking there that
> should accommodate our group, but it would be helpful if you carpooled if
> possible.
> Map:
> Here is my $.02 on what we need:
> - Internet access. If someone can figure that out, it would be great.
> - Power bars/cords, extension cords (heavy duty), a switch or two, patch
> cables, various computer parts that might be helpful.
> - Your old/odd/interesting gear to show off or give away.
> - I'm thinking this will be "bring your own meat" but it would be great if
> someone could go to Costco and get a huge thing of hot dogs and buns so that
> everyone gets at least something to eat.
> - If someone would like to donate a large amount of soda I'll get some chests
> with ice to keep them cold. I'm guessing we would need a lot of soda/water,
> etc. If enough people bring a six pack of their favorite beverage we should
> have enough to share with those that don't bring anything.
> - Chips/dips/snacks.
> - Charcoal and lighter fluid enough to keep a couple pits burning...
> optionally I'm considering bringing a large gas grill. If someone can
> volunteer some time, a truck, and a set of hands I'm sure I can bring it.
> - Trash bags, first aid kit, duct tape, various barbecue odds and ends.
> - Kitchen utensils, paper plates, cups, napkins.
> - More comfortable chairs if you are so inclined (nice sitting on them to
> watch the kids play). Other picnic type stuff (blankets, lawn toys, etc).
> - A desert of some kind.
> - Any games you like (bzflag?).
> - You, your friends, your family, and any living thing that loves Linux.
> Putting together a really great party for this many people is not unlike an
> open source project. If everyone tries to bring at least something then we can
> cover those who can't. Think big, 60-100 people can consume a lot of
> consumables. We can use the list to coordinate so we don't have any money
> wasted. I'm sure the group would be more than willing to allow a corporation
> to step in and provide some of the needs on our list, as well as any
> swag/prizes.
> The more people that come, the more fun we will have. Plan on bringing the
> whole family so they can see how normal you really are compared to all the
> other PLUGers.
> -Ryan
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