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Sorry for the slow response.  I was receiving list messages on two
e-mail accounts and the myrealbox.com smtp is not working so the
response never went out.  I had accidentally deleted my gmail copy.
Here is what I tried to send in my reply to Corey:


That is the term ACN uses to describe it's network as compared to Vonage
and the other VoIP networks that strictly use voice.
I am not sure "exactly" what it means.  I would venture a guess that
since the network handles both "audio only" and "video with audio" calls
the "video with audio" has priority routing.  On Vonage's network a
"video with audio" call has the same priority as an "audio only" call.
I do not have any technical docs from ACN on their new network.  Most
reps are very non-technical, but I can see if I can get some
documentation for you would like to look at it.  I would like to see it


On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 10:13 -0600, Lars Rasmussen wrote:

> On 6/5/07, Nate Price <nate at visualizesoftware.us> wrote:
> > I was tricked into going to an ACN meeting once. They run some form of a
> > multi-level marketing deal with selling phone service. I can't comment on if
> > there service is any good, but I really don't appreciate the business model.
> >
> > Nathan Price
> The MLM part bothers me, but I'm more interested in the technical
> merits(or lack thereof) of what ACN is doing.  Reselling Vonage as
> their own service doesn't sound too impressive.
> Ron, this is a technically oriented list - let's hear it.  Corey
> already asked - I'll reiterate.
> What does "optimized for video" mean?  Please be specific.
> --
> Lars
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